Our Mission

Our mission at The Way, is to love God, love others, and serve the world.


Love God=Worship

Love Others=Fellowship

Serve the World=Ministry


The Way Fellowship is a group of people committed to relationships. Jesus desires to have a relationship with us that leads us into a relationship with God. We want to help you learn more about this relationship and how it impacts everything we do and are.


Our goal is creating new traditions by communicating the Bible in a creative, compelling and contemporary way. What you learn on the weekend you’ll be able to use during the week because the messages relate to real life pressures and problems we face

Our Church



A Loving Place

At The Way you will find a friendly, accepting, and loving environment where you will feel right at home the first time you attend. Our church provides an environment in which relationships can be developed and strengthened.


A Life Giving Place

Worship services are full of the life of God. The Holy Spirit is present to touch us with life changing power, breathing strength, hope, and joy into our hearts.


A Growing Place

The Way Fellowship is a place where imperfect people are “Growing together into Christ-likeness”. You will find classes and Bible Studies designed to build your faith and develop spiritual maturity.


A Faith Place

We believe that our loving God is all-powerful and still works miracles in the lives of those who believe the promises of His word. Nothing is impossible with God!


A Place of Direction

Many people who come to The Way, have just gone though a difficult season in their lives. We believe that, no matter what you have done or what has happened to you, God will give you the power to begin again.